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  • Drywall screws and self-drilling screws manufacturer in Taiwan. For DIY market, we can provide small packing help for international custimers.

    Tycoons Group Enterprise Co., Ltd.

    Tycoons Group was founded in Nov., 1980. We uphold our philosophy “Innovation, Self-Transcending, Quality Assurance, Customer Satisfaction” to produce annealing wire and screws, and develop construction screws and fasteners.


    Based on the advantage of Tycoons Group. Tycoons Taiwan Screws Dept. can support customers with vertical integration and horizontal flexible capacity.


    We provided drywall screws, self-drilling screws, self-tapping screws, chipboard screws, wood screws, euro screws, decking screws, roofing screws with international standard and customize designs. For construction fasteners, we provided shear connectors / welding studs in house.


    With the ISO 9001 quality management, we confirmed every manufacturing process by orders. The different packing request also available in Tycoons Taiwan Screws Department.

  • Screws / Fasteners

    Drywall screws is kind of common and special decoration tool. Easy for use and good for fastening.

    Drywall Screws

    Major dia. 3.5(#6) ~4.8(#10)

    It is good for indoor decoration. It is the excellent tool to fix fireproof material on steel and wood. The head design is convenient for working and follow-up wall decoration.

    self-drilling screws can call roofing screws and tek screws for different using territory.

    Roofing Screws

    Major dia. 3.5(#6) ~ 6.3(#14)

    The best partner of roofing work is Tycoons self-drilling screws. Multi-design for different construction sites, colorful paint on the screws surface and waterproof washer assembly. A un-predrill screws in the world.

    Out door using must to link the coating screws/ wood screws with ruspert surface treatment. It can allow screws have more strong body to against the environment.

    Wood screws

    Major dia. 3.5(#6) ~ 6.3(#14)

    The wooden screw with high torque, wide pitch, and painting are main factors for outdoor decoration. It can accompany with many types of design and can use on every outdoor wooden material and makes wood good looks. It is used to multilevel coating and can strengthen anti-rust capacity. It is the best way for wood screw (deck screw).

    shear connectors is the important parts of steel building.

    Shear Connectors

    Major dia. M13, M16, M19, M22​

    The welding stud is designed to operate in coordination with the steel construction, steel plate, welding steel mesh, and cement-modeled object for using in tall buildings construction, bridges and a variety of steel structures. It functions as a mechanism to prevent the slip between two objects occurred, improve the strength of the structure, and make the floor plate combine with the steel beam efficiently. In the recent years, after made an assessment, the industries in Taiwan and in the world recognized that it was the most efficient constructing method.

    self-tapping screws is usual to use on the steel sheet position.

    Self-tapping Screws

    Major dia. 3.5(#6) ~6.3(#14)

    Easy drilling and good lock are its functional description. Sharp thread can lock metal and non-metal (wood or plastic) directly. Indoor decoration, window installation, and door repair have prefect performance for tapping screw.

    MDF material is the position what chipboard screws like to use usually. With the special 40 degree thread angle design, chipboard is quite popular in decoration market.

    Chipboard Screws

    Major dia. 3.5(#6) ~6.3(#14)

    It is appropriate for MDF fiberboard (not solid wood) and indoor decoration. It can accompany with furniture hinge, slide, and door. It has many types of design and easy to use.

    euro screws is one kinds of furniture parts.

    Euro Screws

    Customized design

    The Euro Screws is the common used component in the drawer slides and cabinet hinge.
    The type B point can work with the pre-drilled hole with MDF and wood material.

    special double cutting design is the win win cooperation of Tycoons Group than we have MOU with the patent holder. It can allow the hard wood material use with more easy handling feel during the use.

    Double Cutting Screws

    Customized design

    This is the new design for sharp point screws, it allow to apply to wood screws and chipboard screws with high effective and comfortable handling feedback. Tycoons Taiwan Screws Dept. have been authorized for its operation.

    Sandwich panel screws 5# allow the user fix the construction easy and safety.

    Sandwich Panel Screws

    Customized design

    Long size self-drilling screws with 5# drilling point design is popular in high latitude areas. Tycoons Taiwan Screws Dept. also can provide 3# drilling point screws for other options.

    long screws size of self-drilling screws can help the roofing worker to fasten the material  directly.

    Sandwich Panel Screws

    Customized design

    Long size self-drilling screws with 3# drilling point can provide the user more option during the construction process.

    The long cutting on the screws shank can help the drilling process more stable and more comfortable. Even the pull and out test will low than T-17 design, it still can have nice performance during the wooded material use.

    Long Cutting Screws Design

    Customized design

    Long cutting screws design is a kinds of new manufacturing process for sharp point screws. It can create different driving feel for the user working process.

    self-drilling screws with hex washer head and small drilling point. This type is the standard  items for steel sheet working.

    Self-Drilling Screws

    Customized design

    The self-drilling screws 4.8 series are quite popular in the market. Tycoons Taiwan Screws Dept. have enough capacity to support customer need. Welcome to discuss your request.

    The roofing screws are allow to add color on the screws head and EPDM bounded washer by powder. The color can depends on the RAL or Patone color system to control the international standard.

    Colorful Screws

    Customized design

    The powder paint screws allow to do customized option. The color number can based on the RAL and Pantone system to matching your steel sheet.

    Fur screws gun use, the collated screws can help the user  continued holding the screws driver gun without to take the screws piece by piece. Make the working process more safety and easy.

    Collated Screws

    Customized design

    Special and uniform screws plastic strap can work with suitable screws machine. The continuous and safe sense of control during the work. It is the better suggestion for professional workman to save working time and effectiveness. You deserve to have it.

    Fur screws gun use, the collated screws can help the user  continued holding the screws driver gun without to take the screws piece by piece. Make the working process more safety and easy.

    Window Screws

    Customized design

    Window screws is kinds of useful fastening tool for window or door fixing. The type of screws not only teck design but also sharp point types allow customers choice.

    Sems screws usual to work for automotive industry.

    Sems Screws

    Customized design

    Sems screws is kinds of screws which often apply for automotive industry. Its manufacturing process is different from the normal screws process. The heading process is the first step definitely. The washer sheet have to follow up the heading process before the threading process to assemble with screws. After washer across screw, the threading process have to work immediately. Then, the washer will be keep on the body of screws.

    screws and screws and screws are the major products of Tycoons Taiwan Screws dept.

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    To be the best fasteners supplier for our customers, Tycoons Taiwan Screws Dept. created many media channels to keep in touch with the business partners as you. Welcome to contact our sales.

    Bimetal Screws

    Bimetal Screws

    More Option

    Make screws more function. Use carbon steel drill point with stainless screws body to bring more option for you.

    Size: 4.2~6.3 X 20~150mm (1#~5# drill point)

    5# drill point 32~150mm length*

    Zinc plated CR3+

    Ruspert 500H available

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    Realized the structure of upstream & down stream vertical integration supply chain

    Tycoons Group Video

    The Tycoons Group have five factories in four areas, the Tycoons Taiwan is the headquarters, The Tycoons Thailand and TY steel company are the main material base, the Tycoons China and Tycoons Vietnam able to support the local wire material request.

  • Tycoons Group Advantage

    Connecting with our partner to provide you more competitiveness

    Alzin company XIOD series screws. XIOD can use on the carbon steel screws to against with SS410 screws for more powerful performance.

    Tycoons Taiwan Screws Dept.

    More option for you

    We always thinking how to provide more deeper service for our customer. It's our mission to be the best supplier for the fasteners industry. Thus, we keep this concept in mind everyday.

    SS410 screws and Yellow zinc screws are rusted. However, the XIOD screws still no rust.

    Make carbon screws body have stainless performance with competitiveness

    XIOD surface treatment

    After the 689 days real test, XIOD displayed strong features. The SS410 screws, Yellow Zinc screws, and SS capped steel screws have presented rust on different position, but the XIOD still NO red rust. Would you wanna have it right now? contact us.

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